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Bettering Performance With Sports Nutrition Programs

Scientific research has shown a definite relationship connecting nutrition to sports performance. With this information, sports nutrition has become serious. Top athletes often have their own sports nutritionist to advise them on a day to day basis. Sports nutrition programs are not fads. They are scientifically proven by feedback from both recreational and competitive athletes over several years. Adhering to the advice of sports nutritionists can only bring positive results.

Sports nutrition programs are not intended as diagnostic, treating, healing or prevention of diseases. Even though a physician is consulted, sports nutrition assesses the nutritive needs of individual athletes for the particular sport. Some sports like marathons, triathlon, etc need long time stamina and resilience and the athlete must follow a strict dietary schedule along with proper training. Sprinters need a lot of energy as an energy rush for that fast quick run and will need a different management for their nutritional programs along with their training and exercise routines. The sports nutrition program for the active individual maintaining general fitness is totally different to the resistance sportsman.

Sports drinks are an important part of sports nutrition as they help replace the lost fluids and electrolytes quickly. It is extremely important to hydrate the body with a recovery drink containing protein after a workout. Drinks like Ultragen and Endurox R4 are recommended for those involved in seven hour or more workouts per week. The protein helps faster muscle recovery while enhancing the immune system and in spite of the stress, getting the body to respond positively.

Antioxidants and multivitamins are essential components in the recovery of cells damaged due to free radicals liberated while exercising. Endurox capsule supplements help decrease fat levels while helping the body recover from stress, making it a great product for maintaining general fitness.

Competitive athletes need stricter sports nutrition programs. They need energy gels and drinks containing carbohydrates that will sustain energy during extensive training and help replenish the reduced levels of glycogen in the liver and muscles, preventing dehydration. In addition they need supplemental protein for muscle recovery and strength while enhancing the immune system. Proteins and carbohydrates need to be taken during and in between intensive workouts. High performance athletes must also take antioxidants and multivitamins regularly as supplements. HMB supplements have proved to improve aerobic endurance, reduce fat levels and accelerate stress recovery. When these supplements are combined with Carnithine, there is more fat burn.

Even though there are certain common factors within the different sports nutrition programs, there are differences in the quantity of supplements taken, the frequency and regularity of the intake. These differences are based on the physical activity, the arduousness of the workout and above all the actual physical condition of the individual.

All sports nutrition programs are designed for optimizing the workout and the body’s individual capacity for the activity. No matter the type of fitness program, it is important to choose the right nutritional program to complement it and get the best for enhancing the workout or sport.