Available Low Cost Spay And Neuter Ossining NY For Owners

Pets and owners can both enjoy the peace of mind provided by low cost spay and neuter Ossining, NY. Owners do not have to be concerned with the expense of surgically altering their pet. Pets can be given a better chance to have a healthy life.

The surgical alteration of animals has been a practice in use for centuries. It has been documented that many behaviors can be changed with this simple procedure. Aggressive behavior, inappropriate marking, roaming, and many other complaints can be remedied by having the animal undergo surgery.

There is also the added peace of mind in knowing that the preventative surgery will stop hundreds of animals from potentially suffering with homelessness, abuse, hunger, and being put to sleep as an unwanted pet. In the United States, approximately 8 million animals are taken to shelters over 3.5 million of them will be euthanized. The leading cause of death for both dogs and cats is due to shelter mandated euthanasia.

Future health of pets is benefited by the use of low cost spay and neuter Ossining, NY. By undergoing a neuter, males are at a drastically diminished risk of testicular cancer as compared to unaltered males. A spayed female will not have a heat cycle, cannot have an unwanted pregnancy, and has a lower chance of breast or uterine cancer. By stopping or preventing the biological need to mark and roam, these behaviors can be changed with these procedures.

A surgery to sterilize an animal can be expensive. These average between $300 to $500, depending upon the facility and the animal. Additional fees can be added if the pet is in heat at the time of the surgery, or if there is any complication experienced.

In today’s economy, this lump expense can be overwhelming. In order to assure the well-being of both owner and pet, many shelters and clinics implemented financially lower care choices. The price can vary, and may depend upon the income of the owner, or there may be a standard amount. The demand for these services are high, so be aware there may be a long waiting period to have your animal seen.

Low cost spay and neuter Ossining, NY aims to keep pets and owners happy. Pet care should not suffer when faced with the expense of a sterilization surgery. It is the responsibility of an owner to be familiar with and utilize their financial options to assure their pet’s optimum health and safety.

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