Diet and Health Plans

Diet and Health Plans

One of the latest trends in losing weight is utlizing hypnosis, and even NLP.

Dr. Benjamin Kligler, assistant professor of family medicine at Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York City, said the following about using hypnosis in peoples conquest to lose weight:

Hypnosis is not magic. Its not like someone can hypnotize you and then you dont want to eat anymore. Its a tool that can help you change your eating behavior so that certain patterns become easier to undo or resist

During a hypnosis session, a therapist usually brings the client into a deep relaxation state by directing him or her to practice breathing exercises. Also he asks the patient to imagine a peaceful and quiet location, a calm beach or a lush meadow and place themselves in it, simply by sitting on the grass or on a bench. After 10-15 minutes, the therapist will then make suggestions about how the patient might consider food differently. These suggestions will then be  stored in the clients subconscious.

Of course there is much more to dietal hypnosis than the described above, however this should give one a basic idea on what is going on in a hypnosis session.

There are a few important factors when choosing a hypnotherapist with the intention of helping one lose weight and get on a more healthy diet:

Hypnosis must be done by a professional who knows and understand the true sense of hypnosis.

The hypnotherapist cannot do anything against the clients wishes. There is a known fear among people that the hypnotherapist will somehow do something to the patient while in hypnosis. This is totally impossible. The only thing the hypnotherapist can achieve is what the client already wants subconsciously. Thus, if there is absolutely no wish to lose weight, not even the hypnotherapist can help in that case.

Hypnosis is an adjunct that must be used with the proper diet and exercise and help the individual to lose weight.

Hypnosis is not the only process with which one can lose weight; it is a practice that can be used along with a proper diet and exercise strategies. This will enable one to achieve proper weight loss that they had been desiring for.