Eat Right For Good Health, Strong Body and Clear Mind

Eat Right For Good Health, Strong Body and Clear Mind

Good health, nutritious diet and physical fitness are the three closely linked aspects vital for a person’s welfare and safety. A person is considered to be healthy if he is able to perform his daily chores smoothly without feeling tired or suffering from pain.

A healthy person’s physical, mental and spiritual faculties will always be in perfect shape. An individual can maintain a robust health through nutritious food and physical exercises, coupled with mental conditioning and participating in social and spiritual programs. The type of food one eats daily and his daily physical fitness routine will influence a person’s health not only in the short run but also over a long period of time.

In order to maintain good health, it is essential to follow a balanced diet plan, which has all the vital nutrients that the body needs and meets the calorie requirements of an individual. Regular physical exercises not only build core muscles but also strengthen them and ensure that joints are strong and flexible. Physical fitness also means maintaining healthy and desired body mass.
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It is also important to cultivate the habit of reading books, attending seminars or any formal tutorial classes in order to be mentally agile. In addition, it is necessary to participate in social and spiritual programs, like devotional services so that one feels a sense of achievement and happy.

Nutrition concerns with the food that the people should normally eat in order to maintain good health and get energy to the body to perform all the vital functions. While one may be eating sufficient amount of food, but if it is not correctly balanced from all the five basic food groups such as vegetables and fruits; starchy foods, like cereals, corn and bread; dairy products like milk, butter and cheese; eggs, meat and fish and foods containing fat.

For example, oils and sugar, the body may be accumulating fat without generating the required energy to burn extra calories and not providing sufficient energy to cells to enable all the critical organs in the body to function effectively.

It is better if most of the fruits and vegetables are eaten raw, as heating eliminates some of the essential nutrients. While all the dairy products are rich in calcium, which is necessary for bone health, whole grains and lean meat, fish, peas and beans are rich in proteins. It is advisable to steam and broil food rather than boiling or frying.

Similarly fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than processed foods. The processed foods generally include more salt or sodium than required and harmful chemicals that are added to increase flavors. Certain fruits and vegetables have more nutritional value than the others.

It is, therefore, important to include them in the dietary plan. According to nutritional experts, dark green vegetables, like lettuce, spinach, broccoli etc and orange color vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and summer squash offers more nutritional value than some of the less colorful vegetables. Some foods facilitate burning fat.

Green tea also helps in burning fat by enhancing the body’s metabolism and improving energy content. Food rich in protein are hard to digest as they need more calories in the digestive system. For some people nutritional diet alone is not adequate to maintain good health. These people need nutritional supplements like ‘CoEnzime Q 10′ or other appropriate additives.