The Difference Between High and Low Priced Airbeds

Air mattresses are increasingly gaining popularity as they have become better designed and more features have been introduced. More people are turning towards using air mattresses for both in-home and outdoor usage. They provide a portable and quickly assembled sleeping surface alternative. They can be purchased for camping trips, kids sleep overs and hosting overnight guests.

With a diverse range of airbeds on the market, the price ranges tend to fluctuate rather wildly. You will find that many manufacturers produce air bed models at both the high and low ends of the price range. The price ranges generally feature different comfort level adjustments, as well as other design and convenience attributes.

If you need an air mattress for a short period of time, a lower priced model is your best bet. This will give you enough features to meet your needs, at a price that is affordable. You’ll be able to make use of it for as long as it holds up, then you can discard it. Lower priced airbeds usually have a shorter life span.

High Priced Air Mattresses
High priced air mattresses feature all the bells and whistles an air bed can have. These air mattresses usually have a longer life span, based on the materials used for construction, so you should consider these for heavier use situations. These mattresses are manufactured from high quality, strong materials.

When it comes to comparing and contrasting the two price points, i.e. high and low priced, you should take into account several items:

– Quantity of air chambers
– Comfort adjusting capability
– Size / Height of the air mattress
– Air holding capacity
– Warranty

A higher priced air bed is sure to provide all of the above plus more. The most important features are the built-in electric pumps and the ability to control the amount of air that can be put into different sections of the mattress. To sum it up, the higher priced air beds feature electric pumps, have multiple air chambers and have special designs for added comfort. You can expect to pay between $80 and $120 for really high quality airbeds, but they are well worth the price.

Low Priced Air Mattresses
Alternatively, lower priced air beds are usually made without a pump. They require an external air pump to inflate, which can be a hassle at times. This pump is sold separately from your air bed purchase. Lower priced models are basically “no frills”. They do the job and that’s about it. No multiple air chambers or comfort controls. Lower bed heights and no comfort materials on top of the mattress to cushion your body. The one exception to this are the intex air bed models, which are really affordable, but include many features of a higher priced airbed. Typical prices at this end of the range are between $25 and $40.

In summary, depending on your individual situation, a low or high priced air mattress could meet your needs. If you just need a quick solution and don’t need any special features, the low priced air bed will suit you just fine. If you want the best that air bed sleeping has to offer, stick to the upper end of the price spectrum. There you’ll get comfort and convenience not found in many regular beds.

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