The Pike Street Fall Garden

The Pike Street Fall Garden

Quilted bedspread sets are some of the nicest bedspreads we have seen in our whole lives. There is a multitude of reasons why these are such great bedspread sets, so we’ll do our best to cover all of them. The first reason that this is such a brilliant bedspread set is that it is only available on That’s right, these bedspread sets are exclusive to, and they have the best price imaginable.

For only $111.19 for the king-size bedspread, this bedspread set is being sold at a whopping 57% discount. This is truly a remarkable price for a truly remarkable bedspread set. The price is one thing, but let’s not gets bogged down on only one selling point; let’s tell you about the other features that make this a deal you shouldn’t pass up! The Pike Street Garden is considered an oversized quilt, and the king-size model comes to a wonderful 120” by 118”, the perfect fit for your king-size bed. In addition to having a great surface area, it is made from cotton batting, 220 gram to be exact. For those of you who aren’t fully aware of what that means, it’s a great weight for nearly any weather.

This lovely floral print bedspread set, made of truly magnificent soft cotton, is held together with intricate vermicelli stitching. This style of stitching is unique due to the direction of each stitch being in a different direction. The result is always wonderful, but varied, in that it can be seemingly random, or in a zig-zag esque pattern.
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Why are these bedspread sets so popular?

These bedspread sets are rated very highly due to their wonderful quality and attention to detail by the manufacturer, and due to their size. Many bedspread sets are far too short. While most will indeed cover your bed provided you ordered the correct size, many will end up being too short to still be aesthetically pleasing, and will look somewhat awkward as they ride up on the side of the bed. Another problem with overly short bedspread sets is that if you move around in your sleep, you may end up pulling the bedspread off of you, and as a result you will be exposed to the cold. If you sleep with your significant other, you may find yourself in a persistent tug-of-war to have the bedspread covering yourself. With the Pike Street Fall Garden Quilted Bedspread Set, this is not an issue. Even after being washed and dried, these bedspread sets should still be of adequate length.

Like all bedspread sets, this is only suitable for certain decors. If you are furnishing your bachelors pad, and are trying to give it a “manly” look, this might not be the best bedspread set for you. The same thing applies if you were trying to get a bedspread set for a young child, or perhaps your teenage son. With that being said, these bedspread sets fit into a wide variety of rooms and styles, so if you need versatile bedspread sets, these are the best bet for you!